Entrepreneur, Tech Exec and Node.js & DevOps Nerd


Hi, my name is Zac and I've spent the last 10+ years of my career on technology and start ups (with 2 acquisitions under my belt). I'm a big fan of IaC (infrastructure as code), Node.js (and really TypeScript) and React. I've written software in Java, JavaScript, PHP, Swift, Go and python (& some Visual basic back in the day).

I co-founded PointStart.io, was hired as engineer #2 at Neighborhoods and was a member of the founding team at Precognitive (a ShopRunner Company). I headed up all Cloud and Infrastructure at ShopRunner (a FedEx Company) and was a Director of Platform Operations (SRE, Security, & Cloud Engineering) at FedEx Dataworks.

If you are interested in chatting feel free to reach out below.

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